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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Building Update

The construction of the new YZA building is underway. The building is modular and has already been constructed in a factory in Pennsylvania. We are digging a concrete pier foundation and running the plumbing over the coming week to two weeks and anticipate delivery of the building on October 30th, just two weeks away!

There are still dedications available, visit for more information or call the office at 516-295-5700 x17.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Preparing For Yom Kippur

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspiration For Rosh Hashanah

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Video Link

    Elul-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

  • What we should focus on
  • How to receive Hashem's kindness
  • The meaning of Elul 
  • Using Elul as motivation

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Mesilas Yesharim Series

10 Minutes-a-Day



Chapter 2.6 - Taking Stock 

  • Recognizing the Yasar Hara
  • Evaluating our goals
  • Realizing our ability to trick ourselves 

Chapter 2.5 - Overcoming Obstacles 

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Chapter 2.4 - Checks & Balances

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Chapter 2.3 - Proper Focus

Video link 

    August-9-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.
  • The tricks of the yasir hara
  • value of paying attention
  • Actions lead to Hashem helping us
  • Tools to help one change

Chapter 2.2 - Opening Our Eyes

Video Link

  Chapter 2.1 - Are We Voluntarily Blind?

Video link

    August-5-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.
  • What is a mida?
  • The meaning of  "being careful" 
  • Ways to help ones self
  • How to focus on what is happening

Chapter 1.12 - One's True Desire

Video link

    July-31-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.
  • Understanding out love for Hashem
  • Realization of the depth of the Torah
  • Penetrating our neshuma  

  Chapter 1.11 - Superficiality vs Spirituality 

Video link

    July-30-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Running from "The Fire"
  • A persons natural magnet 
  • Properly pacing one's self 

Chapter 1.10 - Pleasure vs Fulfillment

Video link

    July-29-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.
  • Balance between body and soul
  • Bonding with Hashem
  • Ways to get more out of life
  • Turning our hearts towards Hashem

Chapter 1.9 - Advantages of This World

Video link

  • Character refinement
  • Understanding our relationship with hashem
  • Importance of serving Hashem
  • Valuing our achievements 

Chapter 1.8 - Appreciation of Life

Video Link 

July-25-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

  • Hashem's unlimited kindness
  • Obtaining true spirituality
  • Knowledge of where we came form\
  • The value of a person's Neshuma

    Chapter 1.7 - The Only Continuous Relationship  

    Video Link

    July-19-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

  • The reality of the world to come
  • The value of torah
  • Ultimate kindness of Hashem
  • Realizing why we are here

    Chapter 1.6 - Bonding With Hashem  

    Video Link


    July-18-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

    • World was created for you
    • Self control 
    • Ability to serve Hashem
    • Opportunity to sanctify yourself

    Chapter 1.5 - Connecting With Hashem

    • Tests in life elevate us
    • How one should handle these challenges 
    • Raising to new heights
    • Human Godliness

    Chapter 1.4 -  The Purpose of Life

    Video Link

    July-15-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

  • Attachment to Hashem
  • Source of pleasure
  • Spiritual fulfillment
  • The power of the mitzvos

    Chapter 1.3 - Bonding With Hashem

    Video Link

    July-12-2013 from Priority-1 on Vimeo.

  • Why are we here?
  • Our Nature
  • The ultimate perfection
  • Empowerment in our work

     Chapter 1.2 - Rising Above

    Video link

    • Refining ourselves
    • Understanding shlaimus
    • The unique roles of each world
    • How to 'taste' olam haba

    Chapter 1.1 - Purpose

    • True observance must be obligatory
    • Clarity of focus
    • Receiving the shechina's radiance
    • The true pleasure & greatest delight
    • The chesed of HaShem's revelation


    • The mechaber's disclaimer
    • The importance of review
    • The chochma of yiras shomayim
    • The highest form of fear
    • Imitating HaShem
    • Doing mitzvos out of love
    • The Alter's segulah

    To download any shmuz, simply right-click on the title and "Save Link As." 
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